The Blogger escapades!

Hi! I am new to blogging(well tried few years back without much luck) and just here to share some of my insights on some of my life experiences which can create that tiny ray of positivity even in these unprecedented times! Came up with this idea of blogging after being quarantined for almost two months and with the hope I can create some interesting posts for my audience.. Wish me luck as I start with this adventurous journey with euphoria!

We often come across this two word sentence Be positive! I have always said the same to many, and yet as we manoeuvre through life’ upteen experiences, we cannot find that ray of hope to be positive. Being positive is a natural phenomenon if we accept whatever is happening with grace and humility. Acceptance of a situation, a person brings immense peace and using time and resources at our disposal for a moment puts our mind into better fulfilling things. This is the need of the hour during this pandemic to be positive. So if you have been waiting to use the resources and time at your end all this while, then now is the time! Be it cooking, painting , giving some time to your children, looking after your kitchen garden, reaching out to your friends virtually do it now!

If you have deep rooted negative feelings for anyone or have battled to seek or provide forgiveness , do it now! It would lead you to accept the situation and in turn bring lots of positivity in your life. Another way to create positivity is not just pampering the old but also creating something new.. So ensure you learn a new skill, or a new language or even a new fulfilling habit may be for example teach yourself discipline, resilience, perseverance!. Life definitely would be much better and our world would be a better one post the pandemic, it’s upto us to use this time now befitting to a better future! Till then Carpe Diem!

The cycle of Positivity!